The technology behind the silicone
smart sleeve

To guide you through every step of your
baby's feeding

  • Timer

    Get a feeding reminder when it's time to prepare the next bottle, know when your breastmilk or formula needs to be discarded, and track the feeding duration

  • Temperature sensor

    Check if your breastmilk or formula is too hot, too cold, or optimal before feeding

  • Motion sensor

    See when the bottle angle is not optimal for feeding

  • Voice recognition processor

    Talk into the built-in microphone to register the feeding amount

  • Built-in Wi-Fi

    All feeding data syncs with the mobile app on your smartphone

Get to know the app
  • Real-time monitoring

    Get updates on your baby's feedings in real-time. Know the amount, duration, temperature, and angle of each feeding.

  • Smart, scientific feeding

    Select a feeding schedule, get a notification when it’s time to feed, and ensure your baby gets the right portion of milk at the optimal temperature and angle.

  • Patterns and suggestions

    Input your baby's age, weight, and height for personalized plans, suggestions, and tips (using statistical analysis).

  • Journal and share

    Record your baby’s growth, sleep, diapers, milestones, and more. Choose to share information with caregivers, family members, and even the pediatrician.

  • Sizing

    The elastic silicone sleeve can be used on most glass and plastic baby bottles. It does not limit the height and volume of the bottle, but there might be some inconvenience if the bottle is too wide (diameter ≥ 66 mm) or too narrow (diameter ≤ 53.5 mm).

  • Syncing

    BlueSmart mia automatically records baby's feeding data and syncs to the app on your smartphone in real-time via Wi-Fi connection.

  • Baby Safe Materials

    The device is composed of plastic and electronic materials that are approved by the RoHS certificate. In addition, the silicon sleeve is made from FDA-approved food-grade natural silicone rubber.

  • Battery and Charging

    On a full charge, the battery can last approximately a full day (based on normal feeding habits). BlueSmart mia uses wireless charging. Simply put the device on its charging plate, and when the Tricolor Bottle indicator turns off it is fully charged.

  • Cleaning and Care

    BlueSmart mia passes the IPX7 waterproof standard. The removable indicator puck can be hand-washed with dish soap and the smart sleeve can be either hand-washed or put in the dishwasher.